A ZM Trucks fuel cell cabover truck at ACT Expo 2024.

ZM Trucks showcased several vehicles at ACT Expo 2024, incuding this fuel cell cabover model.

Photo: Jack Roberts

Naturally the annual Advanced Clean Transportation Expo (ACT Expo) 2024 spurred a lot of movement on the electric truck front.

The show – held in Las Vegas May 20 – 23, was not without controversy. For the first time, there was significant pushback, notably from major industry players J.B. Hunt and Ryder System, on the costs and timelines associated with ZEV adoption in trucking.

Nonetheless, ACT Expo remains one of the premier truck shows in North America today. As such, the show – and its aftermath – are perfect venues to unveil new vehicles, or news regarding their adoption.

Here are a few noteworthy recent developments on the electric truck front.

Rizon Launches Two New Electric Truck Models

Rizon is Daimler Truck’s newest brand of all-electric vehicles. And the OEM returned to ACT Expo this year to announce the expansion of its Class 4 to 5 lineup with the introduction of two new models—the e18Mx and the e18Lx.

According to Rizon, these models offer enhanced payload capacities and innovative features tailored for urban and local deliveries.

This year’s show was something of an anniversary for Rizon. The OEM actually used ACT Expo last year as the platform for its official launch. That event was followed by the first customer handovers in March 2024, and Rizon’s entry into the Canadian market the following April.

Upgraded Payload Capacity

Rizon said the new 18Mx and e18Lx models offer an upgraded payload capacity of 18,850 pounds, compared to 17,995 pounds for the current models.

Rizon battery-electric box truck.

Rizon celebrated its first year in business with the launch of two new electric truck models.

Photo: Rizon Truck

Rizon said it will begin accepting orders for the 2025 model year. Those models will come standard with an enhanced class-leading warranty package that now protects the powertrain and high-voltage electrical equipment for 8 years/120,000 miles and the high-voltage batteries for 8 years/185,000 miles.

“We’re happy to bring RIZON back to the ACT Expo to mark the first anniversary of our brand’s debut,” said Andreas Deuschle, the global head of Rizon Truck.

Mullen Introduces Electric Mobile Charging Truck

Mullen Automotive has introduced a zero-emissions version of its PowerUP mobile EV charging solution. The system will now be offered on Mullen’s own Class 3 all-electric cab chassis truck.

Mullen electric cargo van at ACT Expo 2024.

A Mullen electric cargo van on the show floor at ACT Expo 2024.

Photo: Jack Roberts

Mullen’s PowerUP was first introduced in July 2023 as a mobile EV charging truck delivering level 2 and level 3 DC fast charging capabilities in scenarios where such power is not available, including roadside assistance and emergency response where immediate power is required for recharging electric vehicles or emergency power backup.

Multiple Platform and Scaling Options

According to Mullen, the new zero-emissions PowerUP mobile charging truck represents a strategic pivot from the previously announced model which utilized a gasoline Class 5 cab chassis platform and a dual-fuel (propane/natural gas) power generation unit.

PowerUp is now available with multiple platform integration and scaling options including the Mullen Three Class 3 cab chassis truck.

Mullen said the zero-emissions PowerUP system also offers improvements in charging capabilities and versatility.

Cutaway view of the Mullen PowerUp mobile EV charging platform.

Mullen's PowerUp mobile EV charging system is now available on the Mullen Three electric truck chassis.

Image: Mullen Automotive

The zero-emissions mobile charging solution is intended to be a scalable battery platform that can be configured to meet various market needs, ranging from 10kW to 1MW and can utilize new or re-purposed battery cells.

The system also features Level 3 DC fast charging, off-grid AC power, and micro-grid connectivity, making it suitable for multiple applications. An additional significant advantage of the battery powered PowerUP is quiet operation with minimal noise pollution, unlike traditional fossil fuel powered generators. This benefit makes it ideal for use in noise-sensitive environments like urban centers, hospitals, parking garages, campuses and even residential areas.

The Mullen PowerUP Zero-Emissions Mobile Charging Truck details include:

Vehicle:  Mullen Three, all-electric Class 3 EV cab chassis truck

Peak Capacity: 160 kWh (Scalable to 1 MWh)


  • 2 X Level 3 Fast Chargers (60 kW each output)
  • 20kW (up to 160kW) 120V/240V/480V AC Output
  • 12V jumper terminals

Additional PowerUP Recharging Options:

  • Solar and wind off grid power generation
  • Bi-directional 480V grid connection

“We're constantly innovating and adapting to meet the evolving needs of the industry," said David Michery, CEO and chairman of Mullen Automotive. "The feedback on the initial PowerUP concept was overwhelmingly positive, but the market is clearly looking for a zero-emission solution. By leveraging our all-electric Mullen Three, the new PowerUP delivers recharging at a higher level of scalability and performance while offering zero emissions for both the vehicle and power unit."

ZM Trucks Receives 900 Unit Order

Japan’s news truck maker, ZM Trucks, introduced itself to the world at ACT Expo 2024. And that effort seems to already be paying off.

The electric truck OEM has announced that it has sold 900 vehicles to the global holding company 32Group. The deal will make 32Group the exclusive distributor for ZM Trucks’ zero emission battery electric and fuel cell electric commercial vehicle products in select markets of West Asia, North Africa, and Southern Europe.

ZM Trucks CEO Joost de Vries talks to the media at ACT Expo 2024.

ZM Trucks CEO Joost de Vries talks to the media during ACT Expo 2024.

Photo: Jack Roberts

The companies announced that the deal was finalized during ACT Expo 2024.

32Group said it plans to become the top supplier of new-energy commercial vehicles in the region using ZM Trucks’ cost-competitive and intelligent, zero emission vehicle platforms. The company said the trucks not only offer emission benefits but also reduce noise, improve driver comfort, and assist transport companies in complying with ever-increasing regulatory requirements.

Majid Pishyar, chairman and CEO of 32Group (left) and Joost de Vries, CEO, ZM Trucks, shake hands at ACT Expo 2024.

Majid Pishyar, chairman and CEO of 32Group (left) and Joost de Vries, CEO, ZM Trucks, announce a 900 BEV order at ACT Expo 2024.

Photo: ZM Trucks 

32Group is an experienced commercial vehicle manufacturer and distributor, the company noted. As such, it will provide solutions not just on charging infrastructure, but offer a complete range of support services both prior to as well as after the deployment of ZM Trucks products in these markets.

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