A new partnership will allow Torc Robotics autonomous trucks to partnership, Torc will tap directly into Uber Freight’s digital freight network. - Photo: Torc Robotics

A new partnership will allow Torc Robotics autonomous trucks to partnership, Torc will tap directly into Uber Freight’s digital freight network. 

Photo: Torc Robotics

Uber Freight and Torc Robotics have created a new partnership where Torc will use insights from Uber Freight’s network to enhance the development and deployment of autonomous trucks.

Torc is an autonomous trucking technology company and independent subsidiary of Daimler Truck AG.

Creating an Integrated Autonomous Ecosystem

For autonomous trucks to reach their full potential and have an immediate impact on today’s roads, it’s critical the entire ecosystem understands how to seamlessly integrate this technology into existing supply chains, the companies said in announcing the paratnership.

Uber Freight says its logistics network is one of the most comprehensive in the world, as it's currently representing $18 billion in active freight under management and more than 100,000 digitally enabled carriers. Insights from the network show how goods move nationwide. By analyzing shippers’ networks and volume patterns, Torc said it can identify the most effective lanes and most suitable applications for autonomous trucking deployment.

Torc will tap directly into Uber Freight’s network, exploring insights including:

  • Which lanes are optimal for deployment.
  • How to prioritize the rollout of lanes and various operational design domains.
  • Balancing supply and demand across supply chains with autonomous trucks.
  • Where to build transfer hubs to minimize local haul costs.

"Leveraging Uber Freight’s data and insights will help our mission to commercialize autonomous trucks at scale by 2027," said Peter Vaughan Schmidt, Torc’s CEO.

“Our partnership with Uber Freight is a prime example of how working together with industry players will ensure the technology is integrated seamlessly, safely, and efficiently."

Schmidt said the partnership is a natural expansion of the companies' initial working relationship through the Torc Autonomous Advisory Council, a group of key freight industry players who provide strategic guidance to Torc. It includes Schneider, C.R. England, Penske, Ryder and other industry leaders, as well as Torc’s majority stakeholder, Daimler Truck AG.

Seamless Safety and Efficiency

Together, Uber Freight and Torc said they are focused on creating a future where autonomous trucking technology is deployed seamlessly, safely and efficiently.

"We firmly believe that by collaborating with partners early on, we are helping incorporate the important voices of customers and carriers across the Uber Freight network and shaping the future of freight with autonomous trucks," said Lior Ron, Uber Freight founder and CEO. 

By partnering with Torc — in addition to other partnerships with Aurora, Volvo Autonomous Solutions, and Waabi—Ron said Uber Freight is taking another step forward to unlocking an autonomous trucking future.

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