SAF-Holland's CBXA40 P89 now features Haldex components.

SAF-Holland's CBXA40 P89 now features Haldex components.

Photo: SAF-Holland

SAF-Holland, a global manufacturer of heavy-duty commercial vehicle components, announced the integration of Haldex brake and air control solutions into the SAF-Holland portfolio of SAF trailer axle/suspension systems.

The company explained how its recent takeover of Haldex affects its product offerings, speaking to reporters during the American Trucking Association’s Technology & Maintenance meeting in Orlando, Florida, Feb. 26.

“This integration is almost completely complementary,” said Ron Moody, Haldex vice president of engineering. “We make nothing that SAF Holland makes. SAF Holland makes nothing Haldex makes.”

Haldex's Ron Moody explained how the two company's products are complementary.

Haldex's Ron Moody explained how the two company's products are complementary.

Photo: Jim Park

The integrations were made possible by SAF-Holland’s takeover of Haldex, which recently gained final antitrust approval. Last June, SAF-Holland made a cash offer to Haldex AB shareholders to acquire all of their shares.

“A major step in our continued growth and product development strategy was the acquisition of Haldex,” said Mike Ginocchio, vice president, product line management, Americas.

Ginocchio continued, “As we move forward, the integration of Haldex means that we now have 30 production sites in addition to 40 subsidiaries, 5,600 employees and most important to our fleet customers, 20,000 parts and service centers worldwide.”

Saying it’s committed to delivering systems solutions as a one-stop-shop provider, SAF-Holland said, the acquisition of Haldex takes that to a new level.

The company explained that it is focused on growth in integrated trailer suspension, axle and braking systems. Saying it’s the only company specializing in both air and mechanical suspensions for on-and off-highway, vocational, and heavy-duty applications, SAF-Holland explained that the addition of the Haldex product line completes SAF system offerings.

How the New SAF-Holland/Haldex Lineup Stacks Up

With the addition of Haldex disc brake calipers and spring brake actuators to the SAF brand of air disc brakes, “we have created a system greater than the sum of its parts,” the company said in a news release. “The SAF-Holland axle and suspension bolstered with Haldex braking technologies offer fleets completely engineered and supported air or spring suspension systems.”

Mike Ginnocchio, SAF-Holland vice president, product line management, Americas, encouraged...

Mike Ginnocchio, SAF-Holland vice president, product line management, Americas, encouraged reporters to visit the SAF Holland booth, which features a Great Dane refrigerated trailer with SAF-Holland's electric axle. “It has an AC to DC generator driven by the axle. It develops up to 240 kwh, enough to power a transport refrigeration system.”

Photo: Jim Park

SAF-Holland’s North American P89 Series disc brake wheel end now incorporates Haldex braking technologies for performance, reliability, and low total cost of ownership.

The Haldex acquisition brings to SAF-Holland popular automatic brake adjusters as well as actuators, including what SAF-Holland said is the only truly sealed actuator on the market – LifeSeal+.

In addition, it said, Haldex air disc brakes are the lightest single-piston disc brake caliper design in the industry.

In air controls, Haldex has a full line of ABS, air treatment, and suspension air control valves to optimize brake and suspension system performance. In addition, the aftermarket parts program features OEM-quality Haldex Original Parts, Midland premium all-makes replacement parts, along with Like-Nu reman service parts.

— With reporting by Jim Park

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