Locomation’s ARC system using a human-led convoy of two trucks that are electronically...

Locomation’s ARC system using a human-led convoy of two trucks that are electronically tethered is projected to enable carriers to deliver 2x the cargo, 2x farther, and 2x faster, while reducing the per truck GHG footprint by as much as 22%.

Photo: Locomation

Locomation announced an eight-year agreement with freight carrier Stevens Trucking Co. of El Reno, Oklahoma.

Locomation previously signed contracts with Wilson Logistics, PGT Trucking, and Christenson Transportation. Stevens currently operates throughout the continental U.S. with its primary activity in Oklahoma, Texas, Missouri, Indiana, Illinois, and Ohio.

Using Locomation’s planning and optimization system, Stevens will restructure its operation using a relay model to run its trucks about 20 hours per day. The company will then begin deploying up to 500 trucks equipped with Locomation’s Autonomous Relay Convoy (ARC) systems on six separate Autonomous Relay Network lane segments over five years. Locomation estimates the total freight transportation value of autonomous trucking in the six lane segments at about $9 billion annually.

Stevens Trucking is focused on increasing its available capacity in the markets it serves. With Locomation’s freight optimization and autonomous vehicle technology, Stevens plans to double its market share on these lanes, reduce empty miles by up to 50%, and improve fuel efficiency by more than 20%, including a substantial reduction in GHG emissions for its shipper customers.

“We are delighted to partner with Locomation to offer autonomous trucking services to our customers,” said Kenney Stevens, CEO of Stevens Trucking. “We chose Locomation because we’re convinced they are bringing to market the safest and most viable turnkey model to enable us to deploy autonomous technology in the near term. For Stevens, this is an incredible opportunity to establish a strong early mover presence in the lanes we’ve chosen to launch in and enable us to double our market share.” 

Locomation’s ARC system is a human-led convoy of two trucks that are electronically tethered. This human-guided autonomy solution enables one driver to operate the lead truck while a second driver rests in the follower truck, allowing carriers to safely operate two trucks for 20-22 hours per day, all while remaining in compliance with the U.S. Department of Transportation’s hours-of-service regulations, company officials said. Locomation’s solution is projected to enable carriers to deliver more cargo farther and faster, while reducing the per truck GHG footprint by as much as 22%, according to Locomation.

“We are so pleased to enter this partnership with Stevens Trucking Company,” said Dr. Çetin Meriçli, co-founder and CEO of Locomation. “With the ARC system in place, Stevens will be primed to boost capacity and gain market share while saving money, time, and fuel in the short term. Stevens will be at the forefront, able to grab the opportunities that come with operating a transportation system custom built for autonomous trucks.”