Vector has upgraded its mobile-first workflow automation platform for enterprise shippers, 3PLs,...

Vector has upgraded its mobile-first workflow automation platform for enterprise shippers, 3PLs, carriers, and retailers.

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Vector, a mobile-first workflow automation platform, has enhanced its contactless solutions, including document digitization, mobile workflow automation, and contactless electronic bill of lading (eBOL).

"In order to establish a more resilient and safe supply chain in light of the pandemic, shippers, carriers, retailers and other participants must adopt a contactless solution, moving away from in-person interactions and paper transfers," said Vector VP of Design Darren Chan in a news release. "Physical paperwork, while the tried-and-true form of communication, has proven inadequate across the industry."

Among the new features are:

  • Contactless eBOL: An end-to-end solution that digitizes paper bills of lading and enables contactless pickups and deliveries, enhancing visibility, and improving efficiency by removing manual processes associated with paperwork, all while ensuring the resiliency of the supply chain and the safety of supply chain workers.
  • Mobile Capture: An easy-to-use mobile app that automatically captures, crops and enhances paperwork so the driver doesn’t have to. Auto-assist ensures drivers of all abilities are uploading perfect digital copies, regardless of lighting, faint print, or backdrops.
  • Driver Workflow: A workflow solution that minimizes duplicate data entry and audits by pulling information directly from company telematics and TMS, easily running calculations and sending important information directly into pre-existing AP systems.
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