Although Cummins' website still lists ReCon remanufactured DPFs, HDT has learned it is...

Although Cummins' website still lists ReCon remanufactured DPFs, HDT has learned it is discontinuing them.

Photo: Screen capture from Cummins' website

Cummins is discontinuing sale of its ReCon remanufactured diesel particulate filters, HDT has learned.

The engine and aftertreatment system maker hasn’t publicly announced this, to the best of our knowledge, but HDT has obtained a copy of a Cummins ServiceLine Newsletter sent to service locations indicating it would discontinue the sale of remanufactured DPFs on Jan. 2, 2021.

In the newsletter, Cummins said the decision to phase out ReCon DPFs is a result of reduced demand for the product and a decline in the quality of incoming cores.

“Of the core that is still being returned, we are seeing a deteriorating quality that is not conducive for remanufacturing.” The bulletin also notes, “Due to the changes in the product offering, we have strategically adjusted our pricing for new DPFs in 2021 to remain competitive in the market.”

Cummins has not responded to several requests for confirmation and comment. However, several other sources have confirmed the news, including service outlets in possession of the newsletter and a Cummins customer support manager.

As of Jan. 5, the company's DPF web page still featured ReCon DPFs. Cummins spokesman Jon Mills explained that the company is continuing to make them available on the website until existing inventory is sold.

Updated 11:15 EST 1/7/2021 to add information from Cummins about selling existing inventory.

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