Cloud-based systems are transforming logistics.

Cloud-based systems are transforming logistics.

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EKA Solutions is integrating forward-looking analytics on freight movements into its Omni-TMS platform.

EKA provides a cloud-based integrated freight management platform and supply chain Omni-TMS platform for carriers, brokers and shippers. A new strategic collaboration will offer FreightWaves’ Sonar data visualization tools, with forward-looking analytics on freight movements including rates, volumes, and market dynamics.

We are seeking to offer a seamless user experience where EKA users can simultaneously access Sonar products through EKA Omni-TMS platform and use it seamlessly to make pricing decisions. The goal is to increase EKA customer productivity and improve profitable decision-making,” said J.J. Singh, EKA founder and CEO, in a statement.

In addition, the company said, EKA smart pricing value-added tools will allow it to blend Sonar data with data for improved pricing decisions for each specific use case.

The integration of Sonar actionable intelligence solutions with the price management solutions embedded in EKA Omni-TMS platform will “accelerate the delivery of transformative price transparency solutions,” according to the announcement.

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