Real-time visibility of freight has become "table stakes" for many shippers when choosing...

Real-time visibility of freight has become "table stakes" for many shippers when choosing carriers to work with.

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EKA Solutions launched a cloud-based, end-to-end predictive visibility platform for carriers, brokers and shippers of any size.

The quest for visibility is driving much of the current supply chain investment. Recent research by Gartner Group forecasts that by 2023, 50% of global-leading enterprises will have invested in real-time transportation visibility solutions.

EKA’s solution relies on flexible location data sources, including electronic logging devices, mobile driver work order apps, and data systems integration to provide real-time accurate visibility into where goods are and when they will be delivered. Predictive visibility and alert capabilities are available to all carrier and broker customers, regardless of whether they subscribe to EKA’s Omni-TMS platform. ETAs (estimated time of arrival) factor in real-time route management, driver hours of service, traffic, and weather conditions.

The cloud-based solution features low transactional or monthly fees, so customers pay only for what they need or use. Depending upon the service level needs of the subscriber, visibility information can be any time interval – minutes or hours. The service level is configurable.

Information is transmitted in a controlled manner by the carrier or broker to the customer via their choice of numerous methods, including email, text messaging, third-party systems and EDI.

Web services interface with PCMiler/Trimble Maps, select ELDs, the TransFlo Mobile app, and carrier and broker operations and shipper systems.

EKA provides a digital freight management, dFEMX, platform to manage all the customer’s freight businesses, including freight exchange and third-party services. EKA serves as the system of record across multiple applications and seamlessly ties into other freight solutions (TMS, driver apps, etc.) and third-party services.

“Industry experts forecast predictive transportation visibility will soon be a requirement for all supply chain trading participants. Existing Visibility and ETA services are expensive and create structural misalignment and  primarily cater to large shippers and 3PLs,” said JJ Singh, founder and CEO of EKA Solutions. “EKA’s predictive visibility solution empowers carriers and brokers of any size to proactively lower operating costs and offer real time visibility to all customers at costs that are competitive with their large competitors.”

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