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Daimler Trucks North America

Commentary: There Must be a Business Case for New Truck Tech

There has to be a business case for fleets to invest in new tech like platooning and electric trucks - a benefit in terms of safety, efficiency, or other factors that eventually will go to the bottom line. Commentary by editor in chief Deborah Lockridge.

Alliance Truck Parts' Push to Become Number One [video]

Alliance Truck Parts, the all-makes truck parts brand of Daimler Trucks North America, aims to exert the kind of market dominance that Freightliner does in truck sales. HDT Editor in Chief Deborah Lockridge has this video report on how they plan to get there.

Inside Daimler Trucks North America HQ [Photos]

Daimler Trucks North America unveiled a new, environmentally friendly, nine-story headquarters building on its corporate campus in north Portland, Oregon, in 2016. We got a tour during Daimler's 2018 Capital Markets & Technology Day.

Truck Platoons on the Horizon?

Real-world deployment of truck platooning systems appears close, but developers aren’t keen to offer many details on their efforts.

Daimler Trucks Demonstrates Truck Platooning

Daimler Trucks North America demonstrated “pairing” of two trucks, what is commonly known as two-truck platooning, at the Capital Market and Technology Day June 6. This fuel-saving technology is also a step on the path to more highly automated vehicles.