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Guest Voices

Guest voices is a blog with contributed articles from members of the trucking and transportation industry on a variety of current issues

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How an Electric Ford Transit Changes the Game

Ted Cannis, global director for electrification for Ford, met with journalists after...

Of any manufacturer, Ford is best poised to electrify a global work van. But it’ll still need competitive products, supplier and upfitter partnerships, charging infrastructure and standardization, and federal incentives to create the ecosystem for electric commercial vehicles.

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It’s Time to Formulate an ADAS Game Plan

Vehicle parts are no longer only made up of metals and plastics, they now include sophisticated...

As proliferation of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) increases, skilled labor, equipment, and training costs will increase as well. Fleet operators can’t mitigate these financial burdens by cutting corners on ADAS recalibration and repairs.

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5 Tips for Trucking from the Shark Tank

Daymond John, founder and CEO of FUBU and star of Shark Tank, gave a keynote presentation during...

While it may be hard to understand what the trucking industry can learn from someone who built his initial success inside the world of hip hop music, Daymond John, founder and CEO of FUBU and star of Shark Tank, offered some food for thought during his keynote presentation at the recent Heavy Duty Aftermarket Week.

Got Questions

Got Questions? Top ELD Questions Answered

Scott Sutarik is the VP of Commercial Vehicle Solutions at Geotab Inc. He has...

VP, Commercial Vehicle Solutions

Scott Sutarik from Geotab

VP, Commercial Vehicle Solutions

Got Questions? Sleeper Cab Power Experts

Steve Carlson is the Xantrex OEM and fleet manager. Steve has over 20 years of...

Xantrex OEM and Fleet Manager

Steve Carlson from Xantrex

Xantrex OEM and Fleet Manager