Arsenault Associates has teamed up with U.S. Bank Voyager Fleet Systems Inc. to bring Arsenault's Dossier fleet customers a new comprehensive fleet fuel and maintenance-purchasing card named Dossier Fleet Card.

Arsenault Associates develops, distributes and supports Dossier, a leading trucking maintenance management software. The new Dossier Fleet Card is accepted at more than 200,000 locations in every zip code in the United States to purchase fuel, parts and outside maintenance/repair services, among other benefits.
Dossier fleet software will leverage the meter readings provided from the Dossier Fleet Card files by automatically importing them into the Dossier program to drive the automatic preventive maintenance scheduling, update vehicles' miles run utilization, cost per mile values, fuel purchase histories, miles per gallon values, fuel costs and cost per mile, and more.
"There are many fleet card providers in the market and while Dossier works with all of them, we chose to partner with Voyager and put our name on this card because of their excellent reputation for customer satisfaction," said Jack Boetefuer, president of Arsenault Associates.
Dossier fleet maintenance software users may contact their account manager at Arsenault Associates for more information, or visit