An audio conference called "One-stop Shopping for All Your FMCSA Data," which introduces FMCSA's COMPASS program, will be held from noon to 1:30 p.m. (Eastern Time on Dec. 13, hosted by the Truckload Carriers Association.

   Do you use a variety of FMCSA's sites to access your data? Do you use the SAFER site to access your census information? Do you use the Licensing & Insurance (L&I) site to access your licensing and insurance information?
   Do you use the Analysis & Information (A&I) site and your company's safety profile to access your safety information that FMCSA has on file for you?
   With the launch of the new FMCSA Portal, you can now access much of this information from one central location, free of charge. In addition, the information is real-time - whatever data has been sent to FMCSA in the last 24 hours is available to you.
   During this audio conference, participants will be introduced to the new online FMCSA Portal. Providing companies with complete and easily accessible safety data is a major priority of FMCSA. This year's launch of the new FMCSA Portal represents a significant step in that direction.
   You will have an opportunity to learn:
   • How you can access FMCSA's latest safety data for your company from a single location.
   • How you can access your company's safety profile at no charge.
   • More about FMCSA's COMPASS Program.
   To learn more about this audio conference and to register, visit www.
   Or call Virginia (Ginny) DeRoze, TCA's director of education, at (703) 838-1950.