Non-asset based third-party logistics provider NLM - which recently combined four independently operated logistics providers into the unified NLM - has re-launched its web site.
The new web site, located at, incorporates NLM's realigned service offerings and displays its new brand identity, including a new logo and the "AllWays On" tagline.
The site includes:
• An overview of the NLM AllWays On Command Center - OnGuard Critical, OnPoint Dynamic, OnTrak Solutions and OnLine Services
• Access to NLM's web-based customer tools for ground expedited, air freight and air charter OnGuard Critical shipments, as well as truckload shipments, port, rail and truckload deviations from the OnPoint Dynamic suite of services
• Information for carriers and employment opportunities
• Press releases and awards
NLM, based in Detroit, represents the recent unification of third-party logistics providers Artisan Associates, Artisan Container Services, National Logistics Management and NLM Supply Chain Solutions. The company serves as a fully integrated logistics provider of transportation management solutions, on-site management services and software solutions for the automotive and manufacturing industries. NLM's approach to transportation management, on-site and software solutions utilizing innovative, cost-effective technology ensures the right solution for a variety of industries using a proven network of more than 450 carriers as well as numerous industry partners and knowledgeable staff.