Right Weigh's international presence is expanding with the addition of new distributors in both Canada and Australia. The Oregon-based company has named Inpro Marketing of Canada, and Smart Truck Solutions of Australia,
to be official regional distributors of Right Weigh Load Scales for those markets.
"As we continue to experience significant sales growth in Canada, and now Australia, we feel that this is the right time to introduce a local sales and service presence in these markets to better support our customers," says Right Weigh Vice President Andy Mount. "Weight related issues are a universal concern for the trucking industry, and the growing interest by these markets in Right Weigh scales reflects that."
With rising fuel costs affecting the trucking industry across the board, operational costs are increasing for fleets and owner operators in every market. Right Weigh onboard load scales are an affordable tool to help significantly offset these increasing expenses, providing accurate and reliable weight information for air suspension trucks and trailers. Right Weigh scales help drivers prevent overweight fines and avoid out-of-route miles, saving time, fuel and money.
Right Weigh helps drivers maintain safe and legal axle weights with reliable and affordable interior and exterior analog onboard load scales. Right Weigh's patented scales provide accurate, on-the-ground axle weights allowing drivers to know their weight while loading without requiring in-ground scales. Simple to install, calibrate and use, Right Weigh's affordable scales are helping fleets and owner-operators alike. As a retro fit or OEM option, Right Weigh Load Scales are available for most air-suspension tractor and trailer brands and axle configurations, with complete tractor and trailer sets available for under $200.
All Right Weigh products include a three-year parts warranty. For more information, call Right Weigh at (888) www.rwls.com.