PeopleNet, which provides intelligent onboard communications and fleet management solutions, is launching PeopleNet BLU, a new Driver Center display platform built around the latest in touch-screen technology
and advanced .net application integration tools.
Built with hardware extensibility, surplus memory and power to run future, advanced applications such as text-to-speech, navigation, in-cab video and web surfing, BLU will also support all current PeopleNet applications, including eDriver Logs, PerformX Engine Connectivity, PACOS Geofencing, and more.
"Once again, PeopleNet has leveraged existing megatrends, such as USB, WinCE, seven-inch LCD Touch Screen Display, and combined them in a unique way to deliver affordable technology to our customers," said Ron Konezny, PeopleNet CEO.
PeopleNet BLU is designed to provide a new, intuitive interface for drivers. The seven-inch, sharp, full-color display is easy to read and can impart information quickly at a glance or in very fine detail as needed. BLU brings definitive audio and video capability to the truck cab, making it possible to deliver information to the driver with multimedia impact.
Easy-to-use touch-screen capability enables graphic menus and the interactive equivalent of a desktop mouse. BLU also supports any USB-enabled keyboard for driver messaging ease of use.
In the near future, BLU will deliver spoken, turn-by-turn directions, which are simultaneously shown on a moving map display. New stops and other changes can be made to routes in real time. Going forward, BLU will support text-to-speech applications that will enable drivers to hear text messages in an easily understood voice and multiple languages.
PeopleNet, based in suburban Minneapolis, is on the web at