McLeod Software has announced a new module for its LoadMaster enterprise transportation management system. The Container Module for Truckload Carriers is the latest in a series
of new features added to LoadMaster to provide customers with advanced capabilities.
The new Container Module for Truckload Carriers offers additional specialized information needed to enter, track and bill container movements.
"Containers are increasingly playing a vital role for these operations," said Tom McLeod, president and founder of McLeod Software, "but their movements and information requirements are different. This new module, which was requested by our truckload customers, will do for containers what LoadMaster does for tractors and drivers - streamline and organize the dispatching process."
Features of the Container Module include a container tracking system that alerts users to potential late returns as well as a quick history capability to answer customer inquires. A Recurring Orders feature speeds up the order entry process by allowing carriers to preset repetitive container information, such as dray payments, and eliminates redundant data entry with a duplicate command option that copies specified custom fields when creating a new order or container movement record.
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