McLeod Software introduced HirePower, a new module designed to reduce hiring times, at its annual Users' Conference on Thursday.

The latest capability of McLeod's Document Imaging system provides for remote data entry of applications and a controlled, consistent application process. McLeod provides dispatch, accounting and enterprise management solutions for trucking and brokerage firms,
"With HirePower, our customers can focus on meeting their hiring goals with a tool that offers a seamless and painless approach to the hiring process from both sides of the driver/carrier relationship," said Tom McLeod, president and founder of McLeod Software. "The difference between taking days to process and verify an application in an automated and paperless fashion versus the traditional paper-laden process that takes weeks, could ultimately be the difference between hiring the qualified driver you really want and losing that same qualified driver to another company that processed the paperwork first."
HirePower allows driver candidates to input their applications to a secure, remote web site. This paperless and easy process means that the person with the first-hand knowledge is the same person inputting the data. The application is then automatically made available to all members of a recruiting team, assigning tasks to minimize work while simultaneously verifying and storing the 30 or more qualifying documents in a typical application package. The end result is a fully compliant application package processed in a controlled and rapid manner.
Features of HirePower help control and streamline the driver hiring process and monitor workflow. With the module's Application Processing screen, driver application data can be flagged with automatic task lists and alerts that are issued to team members responsible for verifying DOT compliance, drug screenings and employment history.
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