Tennessee-based IdleAire Technologies Corp. has opened its 122nd Advanced Travel Center Electrification (ATE) installation in Troutdale, Ore., at the TravelCenters of America facility at Exit 17 (NW Frontage Road) on I-84.

The 68 IdleAire-equipped parking spaces allow long-haul drivers to shut their trucks off instead of idling when resting by providing individually controlled heating and air conditioning to maintain cab comfort - the reason most drivers idle. The system also provides electrical outlets, touch-screen Internet access, satellite television and a telephone connection.
In addition to improving air quality and conserving fuel, not idling also reduces engine maintenance, extends engine life, reduces noise pollution and allows drivers to get better rest.
System use can cost as little as $1.85 an hour, compared to the cost of a gallon of diesel required for an hour of idling, which averaged over $2.88 on Tuesday, July 31. Over 1,000 fleets pay for their drivers to use basic services because of the savings over idling. The IdleAire system also provides additional entertainment and communications options, including movies on demand and high-speed Internet, for an additional charge.
Nationwide, IdleAire has eliminated an estimated 436 million pounds of diesel emissions and conserved approximately 18.5 million gallons of diesel since its first installation. The company has opened 103 installations along major freight routes in the past 16 months and now has a presence in 33 states, or two-thirds of the continental U.S.