GE Capital Solutions' transportation finance unit has launched a full range of financial solutions, from leases and loans to wholesale floor plan financing, to the medium-duty truck sector (Classes 4-7) specifically targeting
operators and dealers of small- and medium-fleet sizes.
GE Capital Solutions is working closely with truck manufacturers and dealer networks to provide best-in-class service and technology, enabling them to sell more products to customers. Based in six offices across the United States, this team aims to become the premier provider of medium-duty truck financing by 2010.
Dan Clark, general manager of GE Capital Solutions, Transportation Finance, said, "Technology can be a real differentiator for dealerships and we have built an auto-approval system to enable medium-duty truck dealers to receive credit approval in minutes - helping them give their customers top service. Already, 50 percent of all the deals we're seeing in the market are approved via the auto-decisioning technology."
With more than 120,000 trucking assets already managed in the light- and heavy-duty truck sectors, GE Capital Solutions aims to be the largest independent provider in the medium-duty space.
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