TMW Systems, among the largest providers of enterprise management software designed specifically for the trucking industry, said company's success during the first quarter of 2007 - from a financial, customer, and product standpoint
- sends a strong signal of continued positive momentum.
"We initially forecast that our first quarter would be successful, and we are very pleased with the end results across the board," said David Wangler, TMW president and chief executive officer. "Our key financial indicators rose significantly, we added 34 new customers, and we reached a number of milestones in several product areas."
"From the financial perspective, net revenues for the first quarter were up 35.6 percent and new license sales increased 52.2 percent over the same period last year. Individually these figures are impressive, but together they underscore the strength of continued market demand for both TMWSuite and TruckMate" Wangler said.
Wangler also announced the addition of several prominent new customers in the first quarter, including: Carlile Transportation Systems, Gemini Traffic Sales, ACE Worldwide, and Bullet Freight Systems.
During the quarter, TMW announced progress on a number of issues including:
• The launch of TMW's OnRoute mobile dispatch solution in partnership with Qualcomm and Sprint. Utilizing Qualcomm's Mobility Wireless Services and Sprint's cellular network, OnRoute turns wireless, GPS enabled phones running Java into convenient driver communications devices.
• The rollout of TMW's D2Link software at UniGroup. D2Link, a cost-effective solution for connecting drivers to dispatchers, uses inexpensive cell phones with basic data processing capabilities to enable carriers to integrate dispatch-to-driver communications into their existing enterprise software.
• A third major fuel card vendor signed on for development of an interactive interface from TMW software to their card and financial management services. This signals the increasing importance of active spend monitoring, financial oversight and integrated driver advances and settlements in carrier operations.
• Brokerage, logistics and LTL summits were held with selected clients and prospects in February to plan enhancements and advanced business support for these growing TMW customer segments.
Leveraging the organization's hands-on expertise in trucking, information technology, and commitment to R&D, TMW offers trucking companies of all sizes, operating in every segment, access to the industry's broadest set of business solutions.
With offices in Cleveland, Ohio, Vancouver, British Columbia, and Indianapolis, Ind., TMW currently serves more than 1,000 customers managing over 175,000 trucks worldwide including North America, Europe, China, and Latin America.
For more information, visit, or call (800) 401-6682.