PeopleNet is offering ALK Technologies' CoPilot Truck, which provides spoken, turn-by-turn, truck-specific driving directions to professional drivers, on PeopleNet's new handheld platform.

Handheld integration to the g3 Onboard Computer is the latest innovation from PeopleNet.
ALK's CoPilot Truck is a powerful driver retention tool that provides real-time, truck-sensitive directions to get drivers where they need to go and help them avoid restricted roads, tunnels and bridges. On PeopleNet's handheld platform, CoPilot Truck provides directions in one of 10 languages according to the user's choice. The application also displays directions in simple visualizations that convey both the route immediately ahead and the next turn at a quick glance. The audio visual combination enables drivers to keep their eyes on the road.
CoPilot Truck eases the hassle of driving a big truck in unfamiliar territory, particularly over the last few miles from the Interstate to the customer dock. CoPilot Truck provides confidence to new drivers, particularly during the first months on the job. It also provides peace of mind to veteran drivers heading to locations new to them. CoPilot Truck's ability to automatically recalculate routes based on traffic and construction delays is an additional benefit to drivers
Working on PeopleNet's handheld platform, Co-Pilot and the PeopleNet g3 Onboard Computer will accept a dispatch including geofences around each stop for auto arrival and departure messages. CoPilot's will base its route on dispatch instructions and will use GPS data from PeopleNet's onboard computer. The handheld computer will run Co-Pilot when cradled on the dash.
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