Melton Technologies, a leading supplier of the PC-based Horizon trucking software, has developed a new accounting module that ties into its offerings of transportation and logistical solutions.

The Horizon Enterprise Accounting software is an advanced accounting system that gives fleets the ability to manage all aspects of their accounting operations easily and in real-time.
"We really saw an industrywide need for a comprehensive software program that allowed small to mid-size fleets the ability to manage their own accounts," said Ron Hudnell, vice president and general manager of Melton Technologies. "Our Horizon Enterprise Accounting software allows users to customize their accounting functions to fit their needs, providing an even greater level of flexibility and organization. This will help reduce common accounting errors and reduce the cost of outsourcing standard accounting functions."
Chuck Melton, president of Melton Technologies, said, "Unlike the competitive systems, which have integrated generic accounting programs into their software, we developed our own proprietary accounting software program. By writing our own software we were able to design the program around industry-specific cost-accounting practices resulting in smoother real-time integration into our customers' daily operations. And, because the software was designed around these practices, the program provides the user with many advantages such as customizable payroll schemes that easily accommodate individual companies' driver payment-related issues."
With a design that replicates the standard Windows programs, the Horizon Enterprise Accounting system fully integrates into Melton Technologies' popular Horizon Billing software - an accounts receivable program. This gives users the ability to leverage the familiarity and power of the billing program within the Enterprise Accounting software, providing fleets with the capacity to create invoices and conduct payroll operations seamlessly.
The Horizon Enterprise Accounting software features a wide selection of benefits to enhance customer efficiencies. The module utilizes multi-level, role-based security controls that effectively protect the privacy of critical company, customer and employee information. A built-in custom report writer gives users the ability to generate reports that can incorporate information gathered from any Horizon module.
Established in 1984, Melton Technologies has been creating technologies that help trucking companies improve their bottom-line. Their selection of PC-based software covers all aspects of fleet management operations from dispatch operations, to billing and settlements, to maintenance and driver compliance.
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