Wisconsin-based J. J. Keller & Associates Inc. and IdleAire Technologies Corp. of Tennessee have signed an agreement giving IdleAire the exclusive license to provide in-cab delivery of J. J. Keller's video-based commercial motor vehicle driver training
and transportation safety-related materials.
The training will be delivered via IdleAire's Advanced Truckstop Electrification (ATE) technology platform.
IdleAire-equipped parking spaces deliver filtered heat and air conditioning, and a range of communications and entertainment options to truck cabs, allowing drivers to shut off their engines while resting and enjoy state-of-the-art amenities.
"With over 7,300 equipped spaces in 110 locations across 29 states, and growing rapidly, IdleAire has an unparalleled ability to deliver J. J. Keller training to fleet drivers in the cab of the truck, any time, any day," said James J. Keller, president of J. J. Keller & Associates Inc. "And drivers don't need a computer or any special equipment to access the training because it will all be housed on and delivered by the IdleAire system."
Keller said this offering will greatly benefit its fleet customers because their drivers can stay on the road and still get needed training (including immediate remedial training) instead of being routed back to a terminal setting.
IdleAire, which will concentrate first on delivering J. J. Keller's 27 most-requested driver training modules, said its discussions with fleets had also revealed a great deal of enthusiasm for the training solution.
"Fleets tell us that delivering this training in the cab anytime a driver needs it, without having to bring that driver to a fleet terminal or put a laptop computer in his truck, will give the fleets a much more timely and efficient delivery of training," said IdleAire COO Lynn Youngs.