Midwest Utility Inc., a leading full-service distributor of semi-truck trailers, has chosen the Meritor Tire Inflation System (MTIS) by PSI as the exclusive automatic tire inflation system installed on its line of trailers.

In addition to retrofitting their existing inventory of trailers, Midwest Utility will recommend MTIS for new trailer orders. ThermALERT, an advanced MTIS by PSI technology designed to help detect elevated wheel-end operating temperatures, will be available as an option as well.
Ralph O'Donnell, vice president of Midwest Utility, said, "We've tried other brands and manufacturers of automatic tire inflation but because we are so committed to this technology as a value-added for our customers, it's imperative we have the best, most reliable system installed on our trailers and, as important, to have dedicated support backing up the product. That's why we've returned to the Meritor Tire Inflation System by PSI."
Midwest Utility, located in Burr Ridge, Ill., is an authorized distributor of East, Transcraft and Utility trailers.
PSI is a world leader in automatic tire inflation systems and markets and sells its product worldwide through ArvinMeritor as the Meritor Tire Inflation System by PSI.
For more information about Pressure Systems International visit www.psiatis.com.
ArvinMeritor is one of the industry leaders in supplying technologically advanced axle-braking and suspension systems solutions as original equipment for medium and heavy-duty trucks, trailers, buses, coaches and specialty vehicles worldwide.