The first national Summit on Agricultural and Food Truck Transport for the Future, to be held April 25 and 26, 2007, at the Holiday Inn, Reagan National Airport in Washington D.C., will feature four sessions
on topics essential to the future of agricultural and food truck transportation.
The sessions include: Renewable Fuels - Future Challenges for the Trucking and Agriculture Industries; Agricultural and Food Truck Transportation for the Future: A Global Perspective; Agriculture and Food Truck Transportation, Regulatory & Business Issues; and Agricultural and Food Truck Transportation - Issues in Congress and Beyond 21st Century Challenges. The summit also will include other informative sessions and more than 40 speakers discussing critical commercial agricultural and food truck transportation issues.
"The Summit is designed to focus on commercial agricultural and food truck transport's importance to the American economy. We will examine the challenges and opportunities facing these industries as they deliver agricultural commodities and food - everything from farm to fork,' according to Fletcher Hall, former executive director of the Agricultural and Food Transporters Conference.
Among those speaking are: U.S. Agriculture Secretary Mike Johanns; House Agriculture Committee Chairman Colin Peterson; Assistant to the President for Agriculture, Trade and Food Assistance Hunter Moorhead; Wal-Mart Stores Vice President Tracy Rosser; Archer Daniels Midland Senior Vice President Greg Webb; Jet Express Inc. President Kevin Burch; and Washington Post columnist and Fox News political analyst Jeff Birnbaum.
For summit updates and registration information visit: or contact Summit Executive Director Fletcher Hall at (703) 838-7999 or