InCab University (InCab U), an accredited college education program for truck drivers, has signed an agreement with Instructional Technologies Inc. to offer its Pro-TREAD computer-based driver training within InCab U’s curriculum.
Pro-TREAD is ITI's Internet version of its well-known TREAD-1 program.
Pro-TREAD is an interactive training system providing a variety of courses designed for truck drivers in the areas of operations, regulations and safety. TREAD-1 and Pro-TREAD are computer-based training services for drivers and are now available to all InCab University students from the comfort of their cabs.
Pro-TREAD’s curriculum currently offers more than 20 courses. ITI’s secure web-based database, provided at no cost to each user, documents and stores all Pro-TREAD driver training data for easy record management and documentation when needed in litigation.
Truck drivers across the country now have the opportunity to complete their driver and safety training in addition to earning a college degree without leaving their cab. Through a specially designed network, drivers can receive education and training over any Internet-enabled PC or InCab computer device.
The agreement brings together InCab University’s academic curriculum with Pro-TREAD’s safety courses, allowing fleets to train drivers without having to route them back into a home terminal. Craig Fuller, CEO of InCab University, says this type of access to driver and safety training is becoming increasingly important. “Fleets are demanding more and more options when it comes to training, and the goal is to do this without the driver ever having to step foot inside a terminal.
ITI Executive Vice President E. Bruce Weiss says, “The cab is the principle workplace for the driver, and in the past it hasn’t offered much beyond TV and boredom in his off-time. Providing this rich experience is great for the driver and for the trucking industry.”
As part of this deal, fleets will be able to access Pro-TREAD’s training content through InCab University; additionally fleets that currently use Pro-TREAD will be able to offer accredited college courses to their drivers through InCab U.