Penray has introduced heavy-duty Extended Life Coolant Extender to help ensure that extended life coolant maintains its engine protection properties against pitting, cavitation and corrosion
for 600,000 miles, 6,000 hours or six years, before another coolant change is needed.
“A single addition of Penray’s Extended Life Coolant Extender is all that is required at 300,000 miles, 3,000 hours or three years to keep heavy-duty fleets moving along,” said Steve Muth, Penray’s chief chemist. “It eliminates the need to use supplemental coolant additives (SCA’s).”
Penray’s Extended Life Coolant Extender offers effective, long-term corrosion protection for aluminum, brass, cast iron, steel, solder and copper. It provides excellent heat transfer and superior protection in high operating temperatures, as well as reduces hard water scale. There is no silicate dropout or gel formation during use or storage.
Headquartered in Elk Grove Village, Ill., Penray manufactures cooling system treatments, fuel treatments and shop chemicals that maximize performance and help extend vehicle life.
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