Trucking came to something close to a halt yesterday as a major winter storm dropped snow from the Colorado Rockies, which got 20 inches in 12 hours, all the way to New England.
The same weather system had dumped up to 3 feet of snow in California earlier in the week, shutting down busy I-5 for a number hours.
KCCI Channel 8 in Iowa reported last night that bad weather had forced a dozen cars and tractor-trailers off the road in a short stretch along Interstate 80. More than 300 trucks were reported waiting the storm out at the Interstate rest stop near Mitchellville
Nebraska State Patrol reported road crews have been up and down Interstate 80 for the third day, traveling on ice, sleet and snow in windy conditions. Snow was reported drifting across plowed lanes.
Meanwhile, a Wisconsin TV station reported Wednesday that drivers at a truckstop there said they were running ahead of the storm they had left behind in Chicago.
By Wednesday night the snow had pushed well north of Milwaukee, and stretched in a wide belt from Nebraska to New York -- almost along the path of I-80.