Transcore announced Monday that the Transportation Intermediaries Association, the nation's largest freight broker association, has endorsed TransCore's CarrierWatch
online service to provide freight brokers with an efficient method of prospecting for carriers and validating and carrier credentials.
"We are currently dealing with an acute nationwide shortage of truck capacity and our members need more efficient tools to find qualified carriers and check credentials quickly before engaging them. The CarrierWatch program helps our members find the trucks they need and reduces the risk of using unauthorized, unsafe, or underinsured carriers," said Robert Voltmann, TIA president and CEO.
TransCore launched the CarrierWatch service earlier this year. At the heart of the service is a database that stores information on more than 30,000 North American motor carriers. Brokers can search for carriers using more than 60 separate criteria to find a qualified carrier or validate the credentials of a carrier in a matter of seconds. The CarrierWatch service helps brokers avoid the risk of using questionable carriers and reduces the time-consuming paperwork that is normally a part of the hiring process. The service serves as a prime source for finding additional equipment capacity.
TransCore, which has long provided freight matching services, is a trusted vendor for many TIA members. As part of the promotional agreement, TIA will offer its members discounted subscriptions to the CarrierWatch service.
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