Terion Inc., Plano, Texas, has introduced the Trailer Dashboard for its FleetView 3 trailer tracking and management system.

In its announcement, Terion said the Trailer Dashboard is similar to the dashboard in an automobile, providing operational information at a glance. Examples of information provided by the Trailer Dashboard include:
* The Dormancy Recap Report ranks trailers based on how long they have been at a location sitting idle, and if they’re loaded or unloaded. Based on this information, trailers can be moved back into service more quickly.
* Trailer Pool Status Summary provides a snapshot of a trailer pool, comparing the desired trailer pool size with the actual number of trailers at a location.
The Trailer Dashboard will automatically generate e-mail reports at user-defined intervals, daily, weekly, etc.
“The Trailer Dashboard is yet another enhancement added to the FleetView system that increases the value of our product by streamlining the delivery of key business-impacting information to the user in a timely, efficient manner," said Ken Cranston, president and CEO of Terion.
Terion’s FleetView 3, its third generation trailer tracking product introduced in July, integrates GPS and digital CDMA cellular for maximum coverage in the U.S. and Canada.
For more information, visit www.terion.com.