Logistics.com announced the launch of OptiManage 7, a Web-native, real-time transportation management system.

Application service provider (ASP) delivery eliminates capital expense while speeding implementation and return on investment, according to the company, although the product can also be delivered via remote host or as traditional licensed software.
Optimized for multi-modal transportation, OptiManage 7 is currently used by Airborne Express, Carrier Corp. and PPG Industries.
According to the company, many shippers lose millions of dollars through the inability to execute upon the strategic routing guide developed during the transportation procurement process. OptiManage 7 fully integrates transportation planning and execution. Beyond simply following a fixed routing guide, OptiManage 7 dynamically monitors critical metrics and events, making real-time adjustments to the routing guide.
OptiManage 7 also offers strategic supply chain visibility features such as intelligent freight monitoring, SKU-level Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and Web-based track and trace. OptiManage 7's reconciliation features offer reporting capabilities and advanced freight audit and payment methods like automated payment.
For more information, visit www.logistics.com.