The New York Thruway plans to offer electric hookups, called "shore power," for trucks at two of its travel plazas.

Pull into nearly any campground and you'll see extension cords running from RVs to electrical outlets. Dock your boat at a marina, and you can plug in. There's a movement to offer the same services at truckstops, allowing truckers to plug in to shore power and run household devices without idling.
New York's two-year, $450,000 pilot project will offer the first roadside shore power on any superhighway in the nation, according to the Thruway Authority. Starting within a few months, the hookups will be installed at the travel plazas at Chittenango and Dewitt, both in the Syracuse area. The devices will be credit-card activated and will require trucks to have a shore power connection.
Volvo Trucks North America was the first truck builder to offer shore power as an option. About 90% of its 770s are spec'ed with the shore power option. Other manufacturers, including Freightliner and Kenworth, have followed suit.