PrePass announced that coast-to-coast automatic weigh station bypass will soon be a reality across the nation's two major southern Interstate corridors.

At a press conference at the Truckload Carriers Assn.'s annual meeting in San Antonio, PrePass officials said with the significant weigh station automation occurring on both coasts, including large portions of I-95, 75 and 77, as well as all of I-5 and 25, the majority of PrePass connectivity across the south has been realized along the I-10 and I-40/81 corridors.
PrePass enables qualified motor carriers to comply electronically with state weight, safety and tax credential requirements at normal highway speeds. Motor carrier participation is voluntary, and carrier eligibility is subject to strictly enforced state safety qualification standards.
The cost of a bypass is under a one dollar, compared to about $8 in fuel, driver compensation and equipment maintenance for weigh station stops, according to PrePass. With 11 eastbound and 11 westbound weigh stations along the I-10 corridor, a trucker can save an average of $90 and 90 minutes each way on coast-to-coast trips.
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