Officials in Anaheim, Calif., announced plans last week to discourage truck traffic on Imperial Highway by reducing the speed limit and posting signs telling truckers to stay away.

A nine-step plan comes just two weeks after a runaway tractor-trailer killed a 53-year-old doctor when it slammed into six vehicles. It was the third serious truck incident at the Nohl Ranch Road intersection in the past year. Area residents had been pushing for changes since August, according to the Los Angeles Times.
While the city council still must vote on some parts of the plan, city traffic engineer John Lower said some changes can be made immediately. The police are recommending that truck speed on Imperial Highway, south of the Riverside Freeway, be reduced to 25 mph from 40 mph and that signs be posted ordering trucks to drive in a lower gear. Additional signs will warn truckers that the highway is not a designated truck route. The plan also includes coordinating with Caltrans, the California Highway Patrol, neighboring counties, and the trucking industry to reduce truck use in Anaheim Hills; increasing commercial vehicle safety inspections and enforcement within the area; and conducting speed zone surveys for heavy trucks.