Trucks will be banned from I-70 east of downtown Columbus, Ohio, starting today.

All vehicles wider than 7 feet will be banned from the construction zone, because lanes will be narrowed for 12 feet to 10 ½ feet during the construction. Trucks will be advised to take I-270 instead. The construction is expected to last through November.
Police will be on the lookout to make sure trucks stay on the designated detour and off residential streets, according to The Columbus Dispatch. Trucks who violate the ban face fines of $100 and two points on their licenses.
Larry Woolum of the Ohio Trucking Assn. told the paper that the truck ban is reasonable. "We don't want to see our vehicles or anybody else's in long lines waiting to get through construction zones."
The Ohio Department of Transportation estimates that about 10,000 trucks a day travel on I-70 in downtown Columbus.