Schneider National, Green Bay, Wis., announces Expedited Services, a new service offering highly experienced team drivers for providing shippers with fast, just-in-time delivery service on time-sensitive or high security commodities.

Available now, Expedited Services is designed to provide customers with fast delivery of their commodity to meet either market, consumer or stock demands. Schneider's Expedited Services are currently offered in the United States, Mexico and Canada.
"Schneider National is well positioned to compete in the expedited service market," says Scott Arves, chief operating officer at Schneider National. "Schneider's competitive edge is clearly one of asset size, as well as experienced personnel, but most of all, service to our customer."
Schneider's Expedited Service is divided into major commodity groups. Each commodity group has its own customer service representative who is experienced and knowledgeable with the transportation and market requirements of that particular industry. Experienced transportation planners are also designated and are responsible for ensuring all expedited loads are assigned and delivered on time.