In an effort to boost used truck sales at its dealers, Kenworth Truck Co. is offering special incentives and discount parts coupons.

Incentives include free warranty upgrades or price reductions on current warranty offerings from many leading component suppliers.
Included with the purchase of any used truck from a Kenworth dealer are the manufacturer’s Used Truck Parts Coupons. These provide discounts on featured products to "dress up" the used truck.
Under the coupon program, begun Dec. 1, 2000, coupons are valid through Feb. 15, 2001.
The coupons are available electronically by going to
and clicking on "Current Promotions: Used Trucks" on Kenworth's homepage.
Coupon offerings include:
* $200 off eight Kenworth stylized Alcoa wheels.
* $60 off any Aeroclad stainless steel tapered or Texas square bumper.
* $50 off any Mirrex tapered or Texas square bumper.
* $40 off $200 purchase of any Panelite or P2 brand accessories.
* $30 off Bostrom service upper seat without suspension or risers, or $30
off complete Bostrom Talladega LSO seat with suspension.
* $20 off any Seats’ Elcamino seat or $25 off any Seats’ LE seat.
* $15 off $150 purchase of any Panasonic electronic products.
* $10 off one pair of Fleetline quarter fenders with full brace.
* $10 off any VIP steering wheel.