Kenworth has teamed up with PACCAR Financial to offer inventory reduction deals through two new finance programs. Available for a limited time, each program has been designed to help truck buyers overcome rising operating costs and depressed used truck values.

One of the programs, which runs only through the end of the year, promotes the benefits of leasing in the fourth quarter of the year. Called the 4th and Goal Lease Program, it provides truck buyers with the low payments associated with leases executed in the fourth quarter.
As an added benefit, a buyer who leases any new model year 1999 or 2000 Kenworth under the program will receive $200 off the first 12 monthly payments. The incentive for a buyer who leases any new model year 2001 Kenworth is that he gets to take $500 off any one of the monthly lease payments.
The other special finance program has been named the Three-Point Play because of its three attractive financing options for retail buyers who purchase a new model year 1999 or 2000 Kenworth from dealer inventory and finance it with PACCAR Financial.
The first option is a five-year loan with a low introductory rate of 7.9% for the first 24 months. It then converts to 9.9% for the remaining 36 months of the loan.
The second option gives the truck buyer $200 off their first 12 monthly loan payments. The buyer strikes his best finance deal with his Kenworth dealer, then Kenworth and PACCAR Financial will pay the first $200 on each of the loan payments for a year.
The third option assists buyers who may be "upside down" in their trade-in on an eligible new Kenworth truck. PACCAR Financial will help by making over-allowance financing available for creditworthy buyers.
The Three-Point Play Program runs through this March 1 and is currently available only in the United States.