Illinois transportation officials yesterday announced that Interstate 80 has become a fully automated PrePass corridor through five Midwestern states (Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, and Nebraska).

The completion of I-80 for the PrePass, or electronic truck clearance system, in Illinois was part of the final installation at 14 truck weigh stations in the state. All 20 interstate facilities in Illinois are now equipped with the high-tech system.
The voluntary system offers motor carriers with good safety records the opportunity to demonstrate compliance electronically with state size, weight, and safety requirements while bypassing the weigh stations at highway speed.
"The PrePass technology will help reduce fuel emissions and the expense of burning fuel while waiting in line to be weighed," said Illinois Transportation Secretary Kirk Brown. "This system also helps to reduce the number of trucks slowing down on the interstates to pull into the weigh stations and merging back into traffic, which increases safety and eases congestion on these heavily traveled highways."
This year's installation of the PrePass system was financed with $1.7 million in Gov. George Ryan's Illinois FIRST funds.