California-based Trimble, a leading international supplier of Global Positioning System (GPS) solutions, has introduced its first GSM product offering for fleet management.

Trimble's CrossCheck GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) mobile communicator was recently introduced at the Intelligent Transportation Systems World Congress 2000 in Turin, Italy.
A tightly integrated device that combines GPS, GSM technology and IQEvent Engine (IQEE) firmware in a single module, it provides the same functions and features as CrossCheck AMPS, the North American version compatible with AMPS cellular networks. The combination of GPS and wireless communications allows automated monitoring and reporting of vehicle activity and status, as well as voice communications. The CrossCheck GSM mobile communicator also provides the foundation for consumer services such as roadside assistance, stolen vehicle recovery, navigation, and remote locksmith.
Wavecom, which makes digital wireless standard modules, will supply WISMO2C GSM dual-band modules that will be integrated into the system.
WISMO, which stands for Wireless Standard Module, is a compact, fully integrated device containing all of the software, hardware and other technology needed to implement a wireless telecommunications standard.
"Thanks to WISMO technology, we have been able to access the GSM market in record time," said Tony Gaechter, marketing director for Trimble's Mobile Positioning and Communications Division. "We chose WISMO because it offers a completely integrated, ready-to-use solution in a very compact package which is both rugged and fully-proven."
Initial deliveries of WISMO modules to Trimble were made in October, with further deliveries to take place over the next two years.