German truckers frustrated over high fuel prices and diesel taxes are organizing more demonstrations.

According to the Journal of Commerce, truckers are scheduled to gather next week in Hamburg, the site of Germany's largest container port, for a major demonstration to try to get the government’s attention.
Dubbed the "Port and City Tour," the protest is expected to attract hundreds of trucks on Monday.
German law prohibits blockades like the ones that occurred in France, Belgium and Britain last summer. However, peaceful demonstrations are allowed, and the protests are managing to halt traffic at some of the country’s key intersections, JoC said.
Karlheinz Schmidt, managing director of one of Germany's big trucking groups, the Bundesverband Gueterkraftverkehr, Logistik und Entsorgung, told the JoC that many small and medium-sized German motor carriers face possible bankruptcy because of soaring costs.
“We want to become a permanent fixture during election campaigns,” she said.
German truckers followed the lead of their counterparts in France and England in September with fuel price protests. The German government implemented tax breaks and subsidies targeted at people who drive to work, people on welfare and students. But officials made no move to cut high fuel taxes for truckers, along with farmers and taxi drivers who had been protesting.