A bridge on northbound I-5 in Oregon will be temporarily closed for repairs, affecting truck traffic two miles north of Roseburg.

Bridge engineers say that repairs are needed on the span, which has suffered fatigue cracking in crossbeams and girders. The northbound bridge is being inspected daily and could be restricted or closed at any time if the cracking gets worse.
Routing heavy loads around this bridge whenever possible will help ODOT to protect the bridge. Rigs are being asked to use US 97 as an alternate. Construction and speed zone signs have been set up to reduce speeds on the bridge to 45 mph for trucks and 55 mph for cars. Trucks must use the right lane in the construction area.
Beginning January 2, the bridge construction will require temporary lane closures. Crews will build a crossover to the southbound side of the freeway, merging traffic down to one lane in each direction on the southbound bridge. A concrete barrier will separate the lanes, and both northbound and southbound travel will be restricted to a maximum width of 12 feet.
Detours for vehicles over 12 feet wide will be available, with options based on axle weight. All vehicles over 12 feet wide will require front and rear pilot cars on all available detours.