Tulsa, Okla.-based Williams TravelCenters will offer a frequent fueler awards program to professional drivers beginning Jan. 15.

In the new "Winner's Circle" program, participants will receive one point for each gallon of fuel purchased, and can then redeem these points for awards vouchers at the DriverNet kiosk inside each travel center. These award vouchers can be used to purchase merchandise inside any travel center, but cash will not be given to customers.
Award vouchers will be good for one year and come in increments of $1, $5, $10 and $20. Drivers must register for the program at a DriverNet kiosk inside a Williams TravelCenter. The program is available to professional drivers and RV drivers.
Bonus points also will be available to drivers. Professional drivers earn 50 bonus points when purchasing at least 125 gallons of fuel at a time. In addition, professional drivers who purchase 50 or more gallons of diesel will be awarded a shower credit that is loaded into their card. The shower credit is good for 72 hours.
Cumulative points will be printed on each receipt or they can be viewed on the DriverNet kiosk or online at the Williams TravelCenters web site. Cards will go into effect as soon as they are purchased.
Williams currently owns and operates 45 interstate locations across the United States and has 14 travel centers under construction.