Hundreds of union truckers and warehouse workers voted Friday to end a six-week Teamsters strike against a major warehouse contractor that disrupted supplies to Safeway supermarkets in California, Nevada and Hawaii.

According to published reports, the union members voted 717 to 404 to end the strike. Workers plan to report back for work at Tracy, Calif.-based Summit Logistics, which serves as the major distribution point for more than 200 Safeway stores.
The strike began on Oct. 18 and involved more than 1,000 Teamster workers, and eventually led to supply problems at Safeway stores around California.
The new contract boosts pay rates for drivers by nearly 16 percent. It also provides raises for warehouse workers of a total of $3.10 per hour over the next six years, bringing the top warehouse pay rate to $21.97. It also sets regular meetings of new labor-management committees to address workplace issues.
The Teamsters went on strike because they claimed the Summit warehouse took part in dangerous and unfair payment methods.