Independent truckers in Australia decided the best way to address their concerns about fuel prices and safety issues was to either join One Nation or start their own political party.

According to the Associated Press, the organizer of Monday’s fuel blockades in Victoria, Jerry Brown-Sarre, said the owner-operators believe they could drum up more than a million votes to support their cause.
Brown-Sarre said talks were ongoing as to whether they would start their own party or join One Nation, but said truckers plan to "attack" the federal government at the next election regardless.
Owner-operators met yesterday to discuss the issues following their action earlier this week, which threatened to block fuel supplies across the state.
The protests at fuel terminals were called off after Premier Steve Bracks threatened to invoke Victoria's Fuel Emergency Act, which could have left individual protesters liable for fines of up to $5,000.
Another blockade at the Port of Melbourne was called off for seven days after the Transport Workers Union promised to negotiate freight rates with contractors on behalf of the independent truckers.