Recent inspections of three 1950s-era bridges on Interstate 5 in Oregon have identified structural problems that question their load-carrying capacity.

The bridges are located on I-5 southbound at milepost 180 north of Cottage Grove, I-5 southbound at milepost 175 north of Cottage Grove, and I-5 northbound at milepost 129 at Winchester.
According to the Ohio Department of Transportation's Motor Carrier Transportation Division, there is no danger of a sudden bridge collapse, but the bridges cannot carry extra-heavy trucks and will need repairs to keep them safe. ODOT is mobilizing to keep the bridges safe and make temporary repairs right away.
Truck weight limits likely will be posted on these bridges during the week of Thanksgiving and remain in place at least until temporary repairs are finished early next year. Until temporary repairs are made, the DOT says some heavy trucks and combinations may not be able to use the bridges in order to keep structural problems from getting worse.
A southbound detour route is available using nearby Ore. 99 through Creswell and Cottage Grove for trucks with axle weights over the legal limit.
Detour options are extremely limited for northbound trucks at Winchester. A lengthy detour, Ore. 42 to U.S. 101 to Ore. 38, may be necessary for all northbound truck combinations weighing more than 80,000 pounds.
ODOT is exploring the possible detour options and is also monitoring the bridge conditions as repair plans and detour routes are being finalized.