The National Trailer Dealers Assn. last week implemented a new function at its annual meeting: the Past Presidents' Council.

The council met during the NTDA's convention in Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla., last week, and offered several recommendations. The Board of Directors approved the following:
· Provide as a member benefit a listing showing different tire brands, sizes, and current Federal Excise Tax amounts associated with the purchase of such tires. The listing can be used to calculate the exclusion of FET already paid on tires included in new vehicle sales.
· Sponsor regional meetings during the year to inform members of vital or new issues.
· Establish a monthly membership survey to track trends in sales, backlogs, etc., keeping items tracked to four or five. (Use e-mail to keep the costs down.)
The board tabled a recommendation by the Past Presidents' Council that NTDA attend the American Truck Dealers meeting to establish further communications with other associations.
The board approved a task force to address the Council's recommendation that the association educate the membership on inequities in FET rules concerning transportation and delivery charge exclusions for FET purposes.
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