The Clean Air Trust recently accused oil giant ExxonMobil of trying to block the Environmental Protection Agency’s diesel clean-up plan, but the oil company denies the charges.

EPA’s current proposal requires that highway diesel fuel sulfur content be reduced from the current level of 500 parts per million maximum to a 15 ppm maximum in 2006. ExxonMobil favors a 90 percent reduction to a cap of 50 ppm, insisting that the level would reduce diesel emissions as much as EPA’s proposal at a more reasonable cost to consumers, and would avoid supply disruptions.
The nonprofit Clean Air Trust accused ExxonMobil of "distorting the truth" and "evading questions about its windfall profits and attempts to gut" a plan to clean up diesel trucks and diesel fuel. But the oil company says it plans to work diligently to avoid supply disruptions affecting consumers and the economy.