SMC³, the trucking technology company, of Peach Tree City, Ga., has announced it will collaborate with the National Motor Freight Traffic Association and the American Trucking Associations to market the National Motor Freight Classification (NMFC) used by most less-than-truckload carriers.

As part of the agreement, marketing of the print and electronic versions of the NMFC and its supplements will be outsourced to SMC³. SMC³, formerly known as Southern Motor Carrier, already markets an electronic version of the NFMC it calls FastClass.
The ATA owns the NMFC copyright and contracts with the National Motor Freight Traffic Association to maintain it. The NMFC assigns each commodity or group of commodities moving in commerce, and having comparable transportation characteristics, to one of 18 separate classes. The class rating of a product is determined based on its transportation characteristics, such as density, stowability, ease or difficulty in handling, and liability.