ARINC Inc. of Annapolis, Md., makers of mobile-asset tracking devices, has teamed up with TMI Communications of Gloucester, Ont., Canada, a satellite communications company. ARINC will resell TMI satellite service for trailer tracking, among other uses.

ARINC makes the Dominium trailer tracking system that operates over the Orbcomm satellite system and BellSouth wireless ground-based network. Orbcomm operates a low-earth-orbit (LEO) system of satellites.
TMI, on the other hand, offers service through MSAT-1, a satellite in high, geosynchronous orbit over North America, the same kind of satellite used by Qualcomm's OmniTRACS.
"By using TMI's packet data service and track and manage service platforms, ARINC is uniquely positioned to offer the transportation industry a technically sound, economically viable, text messaging and asset tracking service," said Fred Jacoby, senior vice president of ARINC's Systems and Technology Division.
High orbit satellites require greater power to reach but have been in use far longer and achieved commercial success that has so far eluded LEO systems. One of two LEO systems, Orbcomm began to reorganize under Chapter 11 in September. Iridium, the other LEO system, has ceased operations altogether; the fate of its orbiting assets has yet to be decided.